As an EU citizen living and working in London for the last three years, the decision of 17 million british people to leave the European Union and the motivations behind the Brexit campaign affected me and my family directly. When I decided to work on this series I wanted to explore what I felt when I found out about the results of the voting and also the mixed feelings that I had in the aftermath of the referendum.


Throughout my life I have lived in dozens of apartments in different countries. Each apartment was a different world, with its own inhabitants, its own rules and its own idiosyncrasy. But one thing they all had in common was their windows: those holes through which we peek out to the outside world. "Finestres" is an ongoing personal project, a collection of pictures taken from the windows of some of those apartments. I hope you enjoy the views.


One day in early 2013, while walking around the neighbourhood where I lived in Barcelona, I noticed that a lot of businesses had shut down due to the economic recession. I realised then that this really proved how bad the situation was because the basis of Barcelona's economy had always been its small businesses. I began photographing with my iPhone all the empty commercial spaces that I found in order to document the magnitude of the damage. These are the 173 emtpy spaces that I photographed in a matter of two weeks.