Who Is Grey Pistachio?

  Portrait by Wayne Noir

  Portrait by Wayne Noir

JC Candanedo is a London-based commercial photographer hailing from Panama. He started his career shooting those closest to him and since then his love for photography, as well as his portfolio of work, has grown immensely.

Now a committed photographer whose work includes people and portraits, fashion and commercial work he is always hungry to discover, create, and innovate, fuelled by the love of his art and eagerness to learn.

This impressive love and determination saw JC leave Panama to move to Barcelona, work as an IT project manager for 20 years and finally pursue his vision of becoming a fully fledged photographer. It is not an easy fete or a common venture but this has given JC an original perspective and this is what makes him a unique photographer.

He has lived all over the world, (the US, France, Australia, Europe) and by doing so has embedded this energy of self-discovery, reinvention and rebirth from his personal and international experiences into his work.

Regarding his creative impetus, JC says he wants to bring: “Fresh air into an industry from someone who has been on the outside looking in for a long time,” adding, “I also want to be able to raise awareness of the issues that matter to me the most: eradication of discrimination of any kind (race, origin, gender, age, orientation, body type) to build a more inclusive fashion industry.”

Now a published photographer who has also been exhibited, JC continues to build his portfolio and seek out opportunities for growth. Currently creating a series of images based on the Catalan crisis. Writing eloquently about his experiences working as a photographer along with his wider takes on London life on his blog; greypistachio.com/blog. Which also includes the popular monthly feature; I Wish I Had Known, in which he asks professionals in the creative industries for the answers to questions that vexed him at the start of his own career.

More about the way he works; his passion for real, genuine beauty in photography informs his ethical approach to not use his work to promote the fictions of eternal youth and unconscious fairness and falsity in general. It is no wonder that he will say Juergen Teller’s disruption, Isabel Allende’s storytelling and his grandmother's cooking are amongst some his influences.  However, to meet him you will also sense the inner poet, an altruistic personality and find a mind full of ideas. This is because JC is not only a photographer by trade but a creator at heart.


Clients Include

Merci Me LondonAksha Fernandez ShoesLaG ProductionsThe Bra Lab, TCAM, My Green Bag



Cover on C-Femme, HUF Magazine, Meade Magazine, Féroce Magazine, Unfolded Magazine, Eluxe Magazine, Rion Magazine, Niji Magazine, Image34 Magazine, #Photography Magazine


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